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Any distance could be shortened to a few seconds: the time needed to dial a phone number.

When you design your communication arsenal, you should not leave aside the phone.

Info-line, customer line, service-line… at the end of the line should always be somebody able to give the right information and have the capability to handle a situation. Speaking to another human voice means most of the time half of the problem solved.

Follow-up, lead generation, cross-selling… a phone call could be as powerful as a salesman when you try to turn a prospect into a customer.

No matter who initiated the call, a telemarketing campaign has to follow a certain set of rules.

What should an efficient telemarketing script contain?
How can an info-line answer to all questions of the consumers?
Why do you need a “consumer line” and what positive effects could it bring to your business?

These are questions that our company could answer. How?
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