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We are genetically built to want more. If possible, doing nothing or close to nothing.

What could draw the attention to your product more than the possibility to win something without much of an effort?

Promotions have been, are and will always be an efficient way to be one step ahead of your competition in the mind of your customers. Even more, they could be a way to gather data about your prospects and clients.. They are a perfect way to generate feedback and to encourage the consumers to tell you more about themselves and what they feel about your products or services.

As any other mechanism, a promotion has to work perfectly in order to give you the expected results.

What type of loyalty programme could be implemented in your business ?
What are the best prizes for your promotions?
What are the data you should ask for in a promotional coupon ?
What are the data you will need for your communication programme ?
What is the perfect moment to launch a promotion ?

These are questions that our company could answer. How?
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