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Do you know your customers by name? Well, you should!

Everyone is flattered if treated like an individual instead of an anonymous from a random group.

Your customers are no different.

Unless you offer an unique product or service and you are the only one on the market in your business area, you’re probably thinking what will make a customer or a prospect choose exactly your product or service and open his wallet to spend more and more often? Is it that he likes you? Is it that he feels attracted by your brand? Or is it because you know him and you sell him the benefits he finds valuable for him?

It is so important to know your customers. Even more, it is important that your customers know that you know them.

Use information to build relation! And use relations to boost your sales!

Speak to your customers the way you speak to a friend or an old acquaintance and build the two way communication using what you know about them. Relations are sustained with continuous, “personal” dialog. Speak to someone, not to anyone. The personalized communications is a few times stronger than non-personalized. Whether the prospect or client will open and read the message or the letter will remain unopened and find the way to the bin in less than 2 seconds, very often depends on whether he will see his name on the envelope.

How can you personalize your message?
How can you use different language for different people?
How often and when is best to communicate with your customers?
Is it always worth to personalize your message?
Does your campaign need personalized communication?

These are questions that our company can answer. How?
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