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Every mechanism works perfectly when all its parts are tuned.

A good businessman knows that customer satisfaction is the key for sales growth but to deliver your promise you need to rely on logistic and a smooth supply chain from placing the order to the “thank you” call.

A successful promotional campaign means “right on time” an “top quality” fulfillment: delivering the promotional materials, storing and handling the goods in proper conditions, preparing the final product and deliver to the customers. Every detail counts for having at the end of a day a satisfied customer.

Rely on our know-how and experience in logistics to save time and valuable resources, and you can focus your energy on your business.

All in one, we warehouse, pack and ship your goods but also process, manage and take care of your customers' orders.

Our services will be customized to your needs:
Stock manipulation – receipt, warehousing, processing and shipment.
Handling of incoming and outgoing stock.
Packing, palleting and foiling.
Reporting stock movements and warehousing through a specialized software.
24-hour video monitoring and security guard.
or we will consider any other special request.

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