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A sales force possible to be multiplied whenever is needed and as many times as needed, speaking on each customer’s language and ready for any challenge that could come. Utopia? No. Direct Mail.

An envelope, a piece of paper, a few words and a stamp. Or just a computer. It is all you need to send a message. But if you want your message to reach your customer, to sell or to promote you product or service, you need much more.

Where to start from: the information you have about the list of addressees. You will know to whom your message will go, what language to use, what are the strong points you should underline. The envelope could be turned into you messenger and the words could make the difference between having a new customer or… just having costs for an unread letter.

Can a letter or an e-mail sell?
How many pages should a letter have to be efficient?
What response rate could a direct mail generate?
What should not be missed from a letter?
What is the best timing to send a letter?
What mistakes you should not do in a direct mail campaign?

These are questions that our company could answer. How?
Contact us. Directly!

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