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The consumer runs the show.  It is not important anymore what you can produce.  It is important what the consumer is asking for.

Success is in the details. In how you listen to your customer or how you answer to his demands. In how you communicate with him.

Which company will be successful and which company is one step from disaster? What product will be sold out and what product will remain on shelves? If anyone tells you that he has the answer, he lies.

The answer seems difficult, if not impossible. However, if you invest your marketing efforts and resources in identifying the customers, testing different target groups and offers, obtaining and analysing measurable results, the answer seems logical. Direct Marketing can provide answers to these difficult questions.

How good do you know your clients?
Who is in the top 20% of your best buyers and who brings in the most of your profit?
Who buys more than once your product?
Who are your prospects and how can you persuade them to buy?
These are questions that Direct Marketing can Answer.

These are questions that we, Mailers, can answer. How?
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